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    Cn_Res & cnstr 100% Translated


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    Cn_Res & cnstr 100% Translated Empty Cn_Res & cnstr 100% Translated

    Mensagem  Admin em Ter 12 Abr 2011, 20:59

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    #ifndef CN_RES_H
    #define CN_RES_H

    #define STR_PIGEON_SEND_ERR_NOEMONEY "You Dont Have Enough Cps."
    #define STR_PIGEON_SEND_ERR_EMPTYSTRING "Strings Are Empty."
    #define STR_PIGEON_SEND_ERR_STRING_TOOLONG "Strings Are To Long."
    #define STR_PIGEON_SEND_PIGEON_PRODUCE_PROMPT "A Pigeon Just Spawned."
    #define STR_PIGEON_URGENT_ERR_NOEMONEY "You Dont Have Enough Cps"
    #define STR_PIGEON_URGENT_SENT_ALREADY "You Hvae Already Sent An Urgent Message. Please Wait Before Trying Sending Another."
    #define STR_PIGEON_SEND_OVER_5_PIECES "You Hvae Sent Over 5 Pieces. You Must Wait A While Before Sending More."

    #define STR_PEERAGE_DONATE_ERR_BELOW_LEVEL "Your Level Is To Low!"
    #define STR_PEERAGE_DONATE_ERR_BELOW_UNDERLINE "Unkown Section To Translate!"
    #define STR_PEERAGE_DONATE_ERR_NO_ENOUGH_MONEY "You Atless 3kk(3Mill) Silver To Donate To The Empire!"

    #define STR_PEERAGE_PROMPT_KING "Congratulation! %s Is Now King Of UniqueCo! "
    #define STR_PEERAGE_PROMPT_QUEEN "Congratulation! %s Is Now Queen Of UniqueCo!"
    #define STR_PEERAGE_PROMPT_DUKE "NICE! %s Is Now Duke Of UniqueCo!"
    #define STR_PEERAGE_PROMPT_MARQUIS "Congratulation! %s Is Now Prince Of UniqueCo!"
    #define STR_PEERAGE_PROMPT_EARL " %s Became A Earl Of UniqueCo!"
    #define STR_PEERAGE_PROMPT_VISCOUNT " %s Became A Knight Of UniqueCo!"
    #define STR_PEERAGE_PROMPT_BARON " %s Became A Baron Of UniqueCo!"

    #define STR_GUIDE_CONTRIBUTE_NOGODTIME "You Dont Have Heaven Blessing."
    #define STR_GUIDE_CONTRIBUTE_NOADDLEVEL "You Didnt Level, Sorry To Tell You That."
    #define STR_GUIDE_CONTRIBUTE_BAGFULL "Your Invitory Is Full!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_BETRAY "You Betraid!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_BETRAY_TUTOR "Your Student Has Just Left You!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_TUTOR_SUCCESS "%s Has Just Accepted You As A Student!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_RETUTOR_SUCCESS "%s Want To ReTutor You!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_TUTOR_LOGIN "Your Tutor %s Has Just Login!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_STUDENT_LOGIN "Your Student %s Has Login!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_TUTOR_LOW_LEVEL "%s Level Is To Low To Be You Tutor."
    #define STR_GUIDE_STUDENT_HIGH_LEVEL "His/She Is To Powerful For You To Turor."
    #define STR_GUIDE_TOO_MANY_STUDENTS "You Have The Max Amount Of Students. If You Want To Add More Dismiss 1 Of Your Students."
    #define STR_GUIDE_SENDSTUDENT "You Sent Your Stdent Away."
    #define STR_GUIDE_TUTOR_LOW_LEVEL1 "You Need To Be Stronger To Tutor That Person!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_STUDENT_HIGH_LEVEL1 "He/She Is To High Leveled For You To Tutor."
    #define STR_GUIDE_TOO_MANY_STUDENTS1 "Please Dismiss 1 Student To Add MOre."
    #define STR_GUIDE_SENDTUTOR "You Have Sent Your Tutor!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_EXPEL_TUTOR "%s Has Paid To Leave His/Her Turor!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_EXPEL_STUDENT "%s Has Just Decided To Stop Teaching %s!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_RETUTOR_FAIL "You Faild To Retutor!"
    #define STR_GUIDE_STUDENT_FAIL "You Have Failed"
    #define STR_GUIDE_TUTOR_FAIL "You Have Failed"
    #define STR_FLOWER_SENDOR_NOT_MALE "Only A Male Can Send Flowers!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_RECEIVER_NOT_FEMALE "ONly A Female May Recive Flowers!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_HAVE_SENT_TODAY "You HAVE Already Sent A Flower Today."
    #define STR_FLOWER_LEVEL_TOO_LOW "Your Level Is To Low."
    #define STR_FLOWER_SENDER_NOT_ALIVE "Revive Before Sending A Flower."
    #define STR_FLOWER_RECEIVER_PROMPT "%s Just Gave You A Flower!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_NAME_RED "Red Flower"
    #define STR_FLOWER_NAME_WHITE "White Flower"
    #define STR_FLOWER_NAME_LILY "Lily"
    #define STR_FLOWER_NAME_TULIP "Tulip"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_RED_3 "%s Has Just Received 3 Red Flowers From %s!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_RED_9 "%s Has Just Received 9 Red Flowers From %s!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_RED_99 "%s Has Got 99 Red Flowers From a Her Boo %s!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_RED_999 "%s Just Received 999 Red Flowers From %s. That What I Call Real Love!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_WHITE_3 "%s Has Just Received 3 White Flowers From %s!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_WHITE_9 "%s Has Just Received 9 White Flowers From %s!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_WHITE_99 "%s Has Got 99 White Flowers From a Her Boo %s!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_WHITE_999 "%s Just Received 999 White Flowers From %s. That What I Call Real Love!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_LILY_3 "%s Has Just Received 3 Lilys From %s!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_LILY_9 "%s Has Just Received 9 Lilys From %s"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_LILY_99 "%s Has Got 99 Lilys From a Her Boo %s"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_LILY_999 "%s Just Received 999 Lilys From %s. That What I Call Real Love!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_TULIP_3 "%s Has Just Received 3 Tulips From %s"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_TULIP_9 "%s Has Just Received 9 Tulips From %s"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_TULIP_99 "%s Has Got 99 Tulips From a Her Boo %s"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_TULIP_999 "%s Just Received 999 Tulips From %s. That What I Call Real Love!"
    #define STR_FLOWER_GM_PROMPT_ALL "%s Has Just Sent %s 999 Flowers. This Is Unique Love!"

    #define STR_END "×îºóÒ»ÌõSTR"




    ; Errors
    STR_SHUTDOWN_NOTIFY= Server will shutdown for maintance in a Min!
    STR_ERROR_DUPLICATE_NAME=Error> This name already exist.
    STR_ERROR_ILLEGAL_NAME=Error> Unallowed/invalid characters in name!
    STR_ERROR_ILLEGAL_PASSWORD=Error> Invalid password!
    STR_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ACCOUNT=Error> Invalid accountID!
    STR_ERROR_SERVER_FULL=Error> The server is full atm. Please re-log in later.
    STR_ERROR_LOWER_VERSION=Error> Invalid version number. Please update your client!
    STR_ERROR_VERSION=Error> Invalid version number!
    STR_LOGIN_ISP_FAIL=Fail to log into ISP payment system. Currently, your account is charged.
    STR_WARNING_CRASH=Warning> the command is for local test only, or the server may collape!
    STR_CAN_NOT_TALK=You have been stricken the vital point and cannot talk temporarily!
    STR_LOGIN_AGAIN=Please login again??...
    STR_INVALID_NAME= Invalid name!
    STR_INVALID_MSG= Invalid message.
    STR_INVALID_CHARACTER= Invalid character found in message!
    STR_INVALID_COORDINATE= Invalid coords!
    STR_INVALID_PET_NAME= Invalid name!
    STR_INVALID_GUILD_NAME= Invalid guild name!
    STR_INVALID_WANTED= Invalid pursuing number!
    ; gameplay + main stuff related
    STR_MONEYBAG_FULL=It is unbelivable but your moneybag is FULL.
    STR_BAG_FULL=Your bag is FULL!
    STR_YOUR_BAG_FULL=Your bag is full already!
    STR_FULLBAG_NO_MORE=Your bag is already FULL! It can't hold more items.
    STR_CANT_STORAGE=You can't store this item !
    STR_FULL_CANNOT_PICK=Your bag is FULL so you can't pick the item!
    STR_PICK_MONEY=You have picked %u gold.
    STR_GOT_ITEM=You have picked %s.
    STR_UNABLE_USE_ITEM=Unable to use item!
    STR_NOT_DISCARDABLE=You can't discard this item.
    STR_NOT_SALEABLE=You can not sell this item.
    STR_NOT_FOR_TRADE=Unable to trade this item!
    ; missing STR_HEAVEY_BAG
    STR_MINE_WITH_PECKER=You must use PickAxe/Hoe to mine.
    STR_NEED_PICK=You need PickAxe/Hoe to be able to mine.
    STR_NO_MINE=You can't mine here!
    STR_GOLD_ORE=You gained gold ore!
    STR_IRON_ORE=You gained iron ore!
    STR_EUXENITE_ORE=You gained euxenive ore.
    STR_COPPER_ORE=You gained copper ore!
    STR_SILVER_ORE=You gained silver ore!
    STR_GAIN_GEM=Congratulations! You have gained some gem!
    STR_MSG_SENT=Message sent successfully. Target will receive it as soon as he/she logs into game.
    STR_MSG_FAILED=Failed to leave message.
    ; wtf missing in previous Please leave message to friend every %d minutes.
    STR_USE_ITEM= You have used that item.
    STR_BUY_ITEM=You have bought %d of %s
    STR_ITEM_NOT_FOUND= Item not found.
    STR_ITEM_INEXIST= Item doesn't exist.
    STR_OTHERS_ITEM=You have to wait a little bit before you can pick any items dropped from monsters killed by others.
    STR_ITEM_DAMAGED= Item has been damaged!
    STR_LOW_LEVEL=Your level is too low!
    STR_NEXTEQP_OVERLEV= Level requirement of the new equipment is higher than your level!
    STR_FAR_CANNOT_PICK=Item is too far away to pick!
    STR_YOUR_CANNOT_WALK=Can not move!--
    STR_REPAIR_FAILED=Repair failed.
    STR_TARGET_OFFLINE=The target is not online.
    STR_CAN_STAND=You can't stand there!
    STR_WEAPON_SKILL_UPLEV=Congratulations! Your weapon proficiency has improved.....
    STR_WEAPON_SKILL_UP=Congratulations! You weapon proficiency have improved....
    STR_DIE=You are already dead.
    STR_BEKILL_ss=%s was Raped by %s!
    STR_PK_FORBIDDEN= PK is forbiden here!
    STR_GOTO_BLKNAME_JAIL=%s has arrested %s for being deadly to everyone.
    STR_KILLING_TO_MUCH=You have done too much killing. You will pay for what you have done.
    STR_NOT_PK_MODE=You can't attack the target in the current mode!
    STR_NOT_PK_EXP=No exp for cursed? / You cannot PK when your experience point is under 0!
    STR_ARRESTMENT_PK_MODE=Restrictive PK mode. You can only attack monsters, black-name and red-name players.
    STR_TEAM_PK_MODE=Team PK mode. You can attack monsters and players except for your teammates.
    STR_SAFE_PK_MODE=Peace mode. You can only attack monsters and won't hurt other players.
    STR_FREE_PK_MODE=Free PK mode. You can attack anyone.
    STR_QUERYEQUIPMENT_HINT=%s is observing your gears carefuly.
    STR_KILLING_EXPERIENCE=You have gained %u experience.
    STR_DISPATCHXP_s= %s roared, and the teammates' XP boosts immediately.
    STR_HITRATE_ADD=Skill > for %d seconds, your hit rate will be increased by %d percent.
    STR_DEFENCE_ADD=Skill > for %d seconds, your defense will be increased by %d times.
    STR_DEFENCE_ADD2=Skill > for %d seconds, your defense will be increased by %d percent.
    STR_ATTACK_ADD=Skill > for %d seconds, your attack will be increased by %d percent.
    STR_DODGE_ADD=Skill > for %d seconds, your defense will be increased by %d percent.
    STR_NO_PK_VILLAGE=PK is forbidden in this Village.
    STR_PK=unknown 1000 ,,,
    STR_GOTO_JAIL_PK_NEWBIE=%s was sent to jail for attacking newbies.,,
    STR_GOTO_JAIL=%s has killed too much and been put into the jail at last.
    STR_DAMAGED_REPAIR=%s has been severely damaged. Please repair it soon; otherwise, it will be gone.
    STR_DURABILITY_REPAIR=Durability of %s is too low. Please repair it soon to prevent further damaging.
    STR_DRAGONBALL=A [Dragon Ball] is required to improve equipment.
    STR_REPAIR_THEN_IMPROVE=Please repair the equipment before improving it.
    STR_SUPERIOR_ALREADY=The equipment is already in superior grade.
    STR_CONNOT_IMPROVE=The equipment cannot been improved.
    STR_METEOR=A [Meteor] is required to upgrade equipment.
    STR_REPAIR_THEN_UPGRADE=Please repair the equipment before upgrading it.
    STR_UPGRADE_NOMORE=The equipment cannot be upgraded any more!
    STR_WIN_BET_sd=%s ... %d
    STR_MAGIC_FAILED=Casting interrupted!
    STR_LOST_EXPERIENCE=You have lost %I64d experience!
    MALE_MATE_LOGIN=Your husband has logged in.
    FEMALE_MATE_LOGIN=Your wife has logged in.
    STR_MARRY= Lovers %s and %s have been married congratulations!
    STR_DIVORCE=%s and %s have been divorced, because there is no love between them anymore!
    ; Bless and other specs
    STR_GODBLESS_HINT=Your blessing will expire %s
    STR_LUCK_NO_DMG=You are lucky and avoided any damage.
    STR_LUCK_CRITICAL_HIT=Lucky time! Double hit.
    STR_LUCK_EXP=Credit goes to 10 times the value of experience!
    STR_LUCK_EQUIP_DUR=Fortunately deduction.
    STR_LUCK_REPAIR_UPQUALITY=As lucky person ..,,
    STR_LUCK_DRAGON_BALL=Fortunately, Ira?
    STR_LUCK_ULTRA_EQP=Fun ammonia positive?
    STR_LUCK_SHT_STAR_TEAR=Meteors tears!
    STR_LUCK_GEM_SOCKET=As lucky person you have obtained socket for gem in item?,,,
    STR_LOTTERY_BIG=Congratulations! %s is so lucky to win %s from lady luck at the market...
    STR_LOTTERY_GENERAL=Congratulations! You have won %s ,,
    STR_SUPERMAN_BROADCAST_sddd=%s has killed %d monsters and ranks %d of %d on KO board! Congratulations!
    DRAGON_BALL_DROP=A dragon ball drop from the monster killed by %s.
    STR_BOOTH_BUY_sds=%s spent %d gold to buy your %s.
    STR_BOOTH_BUY_EMONEY=%s spent %d CPs to buy yours %s.
    ; Team/trade related
    STR_INVITE_SENT=[Team] Invitation has been sent.
    STR_INVI_SENT=[Team] Invitation has been sent.
    STR_FORBIDDEN_JOIN=[Team] Team deny annoying new members!
    STR_JOIN_REQUEST_SENT=[Team] Request for joining team has been sent.
    STR_NO_CAPTAIN_CLOSE=[Team] Please click on the team captain!
    STR_NO_APPLICANT=[Team] Applicant not found.
    STR_NO_TEAM=[Team] This target doesn't have created team.
    STR_NO_TEAM_TO_INVITE=[Team] You haven't created a team. How can you accept other player in team?
    STR_NOT_CAPTAIN_INVITE=[Team] You are not the captain. How can you accept other player in team?
    STR_NOT_CAPTAIN_ACCEPT=[Team] You are not the captain. How can you invite other players to the team?
    STR_TEAM_CLOSED=[Team] Team is closed. Please open it first.
    STR_HAS_IN_TEAM=[Team] The target already have team.
    STR_NOT_CREATE_TEAM=[Team] Target disbanded his team. Invitation invalid.
    STR_TEAM_FULL=[Team] Pitty, The team is full.
    STR_HIS_TEAM_FULL=[Team] Pitty, his/her team is FULL.
    STR_YOUR_TEAM_FULL=[Team] Your team is full already ! Its not inflatable!
    STR_APPLICANT_NOT_FOUND=[Team] Unable to find applicant!
    STR_NOTEAM_TO_INVITE=[Team] This target doesn't have created team.
    STR_HAVE_JOIN_TEAM=[Team] You are already in team and cannot join another team.
    STR_INVITED_NOT_FOUND=[Team] Invited target is not found.
    STR_NOT_BE_INVIITED=[Team] Target did not invited you to the team.
    STR_INTEAM_NOJOIN=[TEAM] You are already in team. So cuz of that you can not join other one.
    ; STR_INTEAM_NOACCEPT renamed??
    STR_NOT_TO_JOIN=[Team] You can not join team. Dismiss yours first..., / The target has not requested to join the team.
    STR_KILLING_EXPEX=You have gained %u experience.
    ;STR_KILLING_EXPEX=You have gained %u as aditional rewarding experience for power leveling the newbies.
    STR_AWARD_TEAM_MONEY=[Team] You have gained %u gold from power leveling the newbies.
    STR_TEAM_STATISTIC=[Team] You and your teammate %s shared %d KO points.
    STR_AWARD_VIRTUE_su=%s gained %u virtue pints.
    STR_TEAM_EXPERIENCE=You have gained %d team experience.
    STR_TEAM_EXPEX=You gained %d team experience with additional rewarding experience for power leveling newbie teammates.
    STR_TRADE_SUCCEED= Trade succeed.
    STR_TRADE_FAIL= Trade failed.
    STR_TRADING_REQEST_SENT=[Trade] Request for trade has been sent.
    STR_NO_TRADE_TARGET=[Trade] Unable to find trade target.
    STR_TARGET_TRADING=[Trade] Target already trades with someone.
    ; aditional rewarding experience for power leveling the newbies.
    STR_POLICE_WANTED_ORDER=Confirm Target %s this person was saw at %s recently.
    STR_TEAM_MONEY_s=You have picked %s ..
    STR_TEAM_ITEM_s=You have picked %s ......
    STR_TEAM_HUNT=Notorious %s was finally hunted down by the detective team headed by %s!
    STR_DIE_FORGIVE=He that dies pays all debts. Can't you forgive him?
    STR_DIE_STOP_ATTACK=The target is dead. Move on.
    STR_ATTACK_POLICE=You are attempting to attack the police. Please behave yourself.
    STR_NOT_AUTHORIZED=You have not been authorized!
    STR_WANTED_ORDER=%u silvers earnest money is deducted. You have got No.%d Pursuing Order. Target: %s; Reward: %u silvers.
    STR_WANTED_INFO=It is said that the wanted target appears around [%s].
    STR_MAX_BONUTY=You should offer a reward of %d silvers at most!
    STR_MIN_BONUTY=You should offer a reward of %d silvers at least!
    STR_SUPERADD_BONUTY=The reward for No.%u Pursuing Order is increased to %u silvers!
    STR_LOWEST_SUPERADD_BONUTY=You must increase %u silvers at lease!
    STR_CANCEL_WANTED=Pursuing Order for %u has been canceled.
    STR_FOND_WANTED=The wanted target [%s] is found!
    STR_FOND_POLICEWANTED=The governmental wanted target [%s] found!
    ; Friend/enemy/trade _lists related
    STR_MAKE_FRIEND_SENT=Request for friendship have been sent.
    STR_MAKE_FRIEND=%s and %s are friends from now on!
    STR_BREAK_FRIEND=%s broke friendship with %s!
    STR_TO_MAKE_FRIEND=%s wishes to be your friend!
    STR_NOT_YOUR_FRIEND=%s is not your friend.
    STR_FRIEND_LIST_FULL=Target or yours friend list is full.
    STR_YOUR_FRIEND_ALREADY=Target is on your friend list already! (or has been ur friend?)
    STR_MAKE_TRADE_BUDDY_SEND=Request for trade partnership have been sent.
    STR_TRADE_BUDDY_ACCEPT=%s accepted to be your trade partner....
    STR_TRADE_BUDDY_SUCCESS=You have accepted %s as your trade partner.
    STR_TRADE_BUDDY_REFUSE=%s refused to be your trade partner.
    STR_BREAD_TRADE_BUDDY=You have broke trade partnership with %s
    STR_TRADE_BUDDY_BREAK=%s has broke trade partnership with you.
    STR_TARGET_TRADE_BUDDY_FULL=Your trade partners list is full...
    STR_TRADE_BUDDY_FULL=His trade partners list already holds 20 partners!...
    STR_YOUR_TRADE_BUDDY_ALREADY=The target is on your trade partners list...
    STR_TRADE_BUDDY_TARGET_OFFLINE=This trade buddy is offline...
    STR_FORM_TRADE_BUDDY=Your trade buddy %s requested trade...
    ; GW/guild related
    STR_SYNDICATE_CREATE_ss=Congrats %s successfully created %s!
    STR_DONATE_ssd=%s donated to %s %d gold!
    STR_KICKOUT_MEMBER_s=%s was kicked out of the guild for being a bitch ass nigga.
    STR_KICKOUT_ME_s=You have been kicked from the guild by %s.
    STR_JOIN_SYN_FAILED= Ask any leaders, managers from guild, NOT members.
    STR_SYN_WAR_END=Guild War HaS Ended. To Bad!
    STR_SYN_WAR_START=Guild War Has started. Run To The Pole!
    STR_GOT_WIN_s= %s Is A Unique Guild!
    STR_TOP_LIST_dsd=No. %d: %s {%d}
    EXPLOST_PAYBY_SYNFUND=%u of experience was compensated by guild fund.
    STR_DESTROY_SYNDICATE_SOON=Your guild's fund has been used up. Please replenish the guild fund otherwise your guild WILL be DISBANDED.
    STR_NO_DISBAND=The guild is too big to be disbanded. Please transfer your guild power.
    STR_HIS_ALLY_FULL=The target's Alley List is full!
    STR_FORBIDDEN_GUILD_NAME=You are forbidden to use this guild name.
    STR_GUILD_INEXIST=This guild doesn't exist.
    STR_GUILD_FUND_NOT_ENOUGH=Guild fund has not reached %u gold!
    STR_ALLY_FULL=Allies List is full!
    STR_SYN_PLACE_FULL=All the posts have been occupied!
    STR_SYNDICATE_COMBINESUB_ss= Guild %s is merged by %s.
    STR_SYN_FULL=Amount of guild members is full!
    STR_SYN_LEADER_LOSE_uss=Guild [%u]'s guild leader [%s] disappeared and [%s] took the place.
    ; Leader [%u][%s] handed guild leadership to [%s] .
    STR_SYNDICATE_LEADER= Guild Leader..
    STR_SYNDICATE_LEADER2= Deputy leader..
    STR_SYNDICATE_LEADER3= Branch Leader..
    STR_SYNDICATE_LEADER4= etc.leader..
    STR_SYNDICATE_LEADER5= etc.2.leader..
    ; GM related unsolved
    STR_SET_MAX_PLAYERS_u=[A] > Max logged in players changed to %u.
    STR_SHOW_PLAYERS_uu=[A] > At the moment there is %u players, max/peak online players was %u.
    STR_KICKOUT_ALL=[A] > kickoutall > all players are forced to logoff with d/c and logging in is forbiden.
    STR_FAILED_GENERATE_ITEM=[A] > Failed to generate item.
    STR_MAKE_MONEY_FAILED=[A] > Failed to generate map money(%d) drop.
    STR_MAKE_ITEM_FAILED=[A] > Failed to generate map item(%u) drop.
    STR_FEETYPE_KNOWN=Payment type: unknown.
    STR_FEETYPE_HOUR=Payment type: hour card. Reminding hours: %d.%d.
    STR_FEETYPE_MONTH=Payment type: month card. Expired on: %d(year) %d(month) %d(day)
    STR_FEETYPE_BARHOUR=Payment type: internet cafe point card.
    STR_FEETYPE_BARMONTH=Payment type: internet cafe point card. Licensed amount: %d.
    STR_FEETYPE_ISP=Payment type: ISP payment system.
    STR_FEETYPE_FREE=Payment type: free test.
    STR_SETLOCK_HELP=[A] > used cmd /setlock--
    STR_UNLOCK_HELP=[A] > used cmd /unlock --
    STR_CLEARLOCK_HELP=[A] > used cmd /clearlock--
    STR_SETLOCK_OK=Has been set up? Unlock girl "/ clearlock?
    STR_SETLOCK_FAIL=Cheng-based ..
    STR_UNLOCK_OK=Chun has been playing?
    STR_CLEARLOCK_OK=Has been forever, please use the "/ setlock password." ..
    STR_LOCKKEY_DENY=Please Act: / unlock password .
    STR_NO_LOCKKEY=No set up?
    STR_UPLEV_HOLE1=%s Kyrgyz shoes% s UpLev .. 1 ..
    STR_UPLEV_HOLE2=%s Jixinggaozhao,% s UpLev ..2..
    STR_DELETE_FAILED=Delete Failed! delete colapsed
    STR_KO_LIST_TITLE=Rank Name Number ..
    STR_DISABLE_LAY_SYNTRANS=This kind of NPC is not allowed to place here!
    STR_NOT_SO_MUCH_MONEY=You do not have enough money.
    STR_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY=You don't have %d gold!
    STR_FEW_FEE_NOTIFY=You month card will expire on %s. Please recharge your account soon.
    STR_ACCOUNT_NOFEE=Your account has not been recharged.
    STR_BONUS=Congratulations! You have got %u prizes. Please go to trade market to claim prize!
    STR_NO_BONUS=Sorry. No prize available or the prize has not been confirmed in the prize claiming web page.
    STR_NOT_HERE=Player is not in the vicinity!
    STR_NOT_ENOUGH_LEV=You haven't reached level %d !
    STR_LEVEL_NOT_ENOUGH=The target's level is insufficient!
    STR_CONNECTION_OFF=Bad connection. Log off automatically.
    STR_TEAMMATE_CANNOT_CREATE=[Team]You are already in a team and cannot create a new one.
    STR_CREATE_TEAM_FAILED=[Team]Failed to create a team.
    STR_NOSSTAR_REPAIR=hmmmm 5 ...
    STR_UNQUALIFIED=Error > Failed to meer condition.
    STR_CHEAT=[Cheat]The points you are allotting are more than the limit.
    STR_GOTO_CHEATJAIL=%s was sent to CHEATjail.,,
    STR_LEV_NOT_ENOUGH_TO_PK=You have to be over level 25 to be able to PK ,,
    STR_LEV_MAP_NEWBIE_PROTECT=Newbie protected map PK25 ,,
    STR_SATORI=Congratulations to all of you to resume previous life skill!
    STR_PIGEON_URGENT_ERR_NOEMONEY=Meaning if archery Ha?
    STR_GUARD_CALL_s=%s , the city allowed PK .. guard ..
    STR_PPKER_CALL_s=%s PKed ..
    STR_ANONYMOUS_PK=Ying vase benzene Lie?
    TRANSFER_DRAGONBALL=Chat button bare Jin-Ao,
    STR_BOOTH_LOW_PRICE=Tun% d points, Tianshi
    STR_CHECKIN_DISABLE=Neck Quail said Nanwo India
    STR_FUSE_DISABLE=Can not be Refinery suspicious items.
    STR_TRAIN_WALLOWNONE=Since your office
    STR_TRAIN_WALLOWHALF=Because your office
    STR_KICKOUT_WALLOWSYSTEM=Account server you are kicked out of games...
    STR_KICKOUT_ELSE=The server you are kicked out of games...
    STR_PK_HUNTER_BONUS=Thank you for aresting PKers....
    STR_UNLOCKSTATUS=%s have already reached
    STR_AUTOLOCK=That into...

      Data/hora atual: Sex 20 Set 2019, 05:35